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Bitter or Sweet?

There is probably NO scientific merit to what I am about to post… but post it anyhow I will… and I’ll keep it short – it’s time to go look at Christmas Lights!

The other morning, as I took an orange from the fruit bowl for breakfast, I realized the super-frugal, coupon-crazy, shop-every-grocery-store-in-town-to-save-money, ultra-incredible-budget-cutting, fiscally-responsible, domestic-goddess I am married to got a great deal on oranges.  I could tell right away because the peel on my orange was paper thin – so, surely, she did not pay very much for this thing.  Against my better judgment – I ate it.  It was bitter, it was sour, it was not good.  It didn’t look bad though.  The only indication was its thin skin.  It just didn’t feel quite right, it felt too sensitive.

To test my hypothesis that a thinned skinned orange was a bitter orange, I decided to go all out and spend $0.49 of my own hard-earned money to purchase an orange from my store (an orange with thicker skin) for lunch today…  And, of course, I proved myself right – this orange felt good, and tasted sweet, it was juicy.

The Scientific Analysis:
The Bitter Orange had a diameter of 7.5 centimeters, and the skin at its thickest point was 4 millimeters.  While The Sweet Orange had a diameter of 8 centimeters, with a rind that was a robust 8 millimeters average – and a full centimeter at its thickest.

Yes…  I spent my lunch hour measuring orange rinds.
And…  I deliberately used metric measurements to make my findings feel more official (and appeal to my readers on the other side of the pond – not that I have any).

The Moral of the Story: 
Don’t be a thin-skinned-orange type of person.  Too many folks now-a-days are too sensitive, get offended way too easily, and allow themselves to become bitter and resentful.  You know these folks.  They’re the ones that just read this paragraph and unfriended me from Facebook.

Instead, make up your mind to become a thick-skinned-orange type of person.  Sweet, juicy (no, that is not a fat joke), no bitterness.  Refuse to be offended. 

Life is better this way – trust me, I’m a Doctor.


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