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Just What Kind Of Doctor Are You?!?

I have a friend that likes to ask this of me.

It’s an incredibly intrusive question – really.

My Boy & I

I don’t go up to the teller at the bank and ask:  “What kind of teller are you?”

Or the cashier at the grocery store:  “What kind of cashier are you?”

Or the lady at the counter of 7-11: “What kind of convenient store clerk are you?”

Or the guy in the white SUV next to me at the stop light: “What kind of driver are you?”
…well, there was that one time.

Or the waitress at Chili’s: “What kind of waitress are you?”

Or my boss: “What kind of…   – nevermind.”

Or my wife: “What kind of chef, educator, custodial engineer, hostess, laundry guru, chauffeur, repunzel-hair-wielding, accountant, coupon-clipper, domestic goddess are you?”

Anna & Afore-Mentioned-Wife

I mean seriously, these things are ob-vi-ous.

Just what kind of doctor am I?!?  Duh…


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Are you a real clown?

Dr. Giddy gets asked this question from time to time: Are you a real clown?

The answer is: As real of a clown as there is.

That’s really kind of a tricky question.  Is any clown real?  What is a real clown?

Wikipedia says: “Clowns are comic performers stereotypically characterized by the grotesque image of the circus clown’s colored wigs, stylistic makeup, outlandish costumes, unusually large footwear, and red nose, which evolved to project their actions to large audiences.”

In essence clowns are fake. They are fictional characters, dressed up in costumes.

The clown costume – no matter how simple or elaborate – seems to be magical. The costume gives Dr. Giddy super powers – such as: being allowed to blow an air horn in church, or riding a bike in church, or sneaking up behind his friend (a real person) & kicking him in the behind while the crowd cheers.

But under that costume is a real person.

Several years ago at church camp Dr. Giddy, in his big shoes, ran around the church and led the children from the main auditorium down to the cafeteria where the children’s service was to be held.  When a clown leads a group somewhere there is no decorum.  He will not lead the children in a single file, proper, pious line.  He will run, he will exagerrate his movements, he will get caught up in the fun.  And caught up is exactly what Dr. Giddy did – he ran, took huge exaggerated steps, and his great big shoe slipped on the concrete sidewalk.

Dr. Giddy landed on his butt…  and it hurt.  It really hurt.  It was not fictional pain.

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