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One Last Bed Time Story…

I imagine more folks would read this if I had posted it directly to Facebook, but it’s a little long for a simple status update.

I read this tonight and it really resonates with me:

“If the tumor was inside the cord, there was a less than one chance in a million I would ever walk again.  But as long as I could move my feet, the operation could wait till the morning…  I stayed up all night, moving my feet and thinking.  I was thinking about what counted and what didn’t.

Having ten thousand acres didn’t count.
Having seven thousand head of cattle didn’t count.
Having thirty trucks and twenty tractors and seven combines didn’t count.
Having a $5-million-a-year agribusiness didn’t count.
The pleasure of writing million-dollar checks didn’t count.

My family counted…”
(Howard F. Lyman, A.KA. The Mad Cowboy)

After listening to the D.J. on the radio this morning tear up while talking about how his son is graduating and all he (the dad) could think about was how badly he just wanted to read his “little boy” ONE more bed-time story… 

And another dear friend suffering the loss of an unborn today…

Wow, is all I can say, with sappy tears rolling down my cheeks…

Time is short.

It’s high time that we awake out of sleep and start redeeming what time we do have!

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