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18,829 Pounds

18,829 Pounds

18,829 pounds…

That is just a tad under nine-and-a-half TONS!

And that was our total for last Saturday.


Each year I spend at least one Saturday morning at the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma with as many members of my work family as possible.  Today was our day.  This year, from our 11 stores, we had a total of somewhere around 85 folks.  It’s pretty remarkable to see what eighty-five people can accomplish when they work together.

Here’s the details of what we processed:

Cases Pounds
Frozen Spinach 247 7,410
Cookies 71 1,207
Crackers 397 5,955
Snacks 241 3,615
Packaged Meals 27 378
Cereal 22 264
Total 1,005 18,829

That figures to be around 232 pounds processed per person.


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What We Do.
By process I mean prepared for distribution.  Sometimes we get frozen corn ready to be distributed, sometimes bread, sometimes we work on packaging the food sacks for the Food For Kids Program (my favorite program), sometimes canned goods – whatever needs to be done.  Each task is a little different, but the premise is the same – take it from whatever shape the RFBO receives it in, divide it into units, package so many units into cases, palletize the cases – repeat.

Today’s big project was the frozen spinach…
Never ending pallets of spinach – I will probably have green dreams tonight.  The RFBO received 4′ by 4′ bins of bulk frozen spinach.  Because most families would not have much use for 1,000 pounds of spinach, it became our duty to break that down into more reasonable portions.

Step 1. (My job) Scoop 2 pounds of spinach into the plastic bag.
Step 2. Verify the weight on the scale.
Step 3. Seal the bag and put into a case.
Step 4. When the case has 14 bags seal the case and stack it properly on the pallet.
Step 5. Repeat for all eternity…  Because they seemed to have gotten an infinite amount of the green stuff!


The Kids.
This year I was impressed with the number of kids that came out.  There was at least twenty kids helping us – maybe more.  I love the fact that my kids go with me – they love it too.  I enjoy them coming because it gives them a chance to see how blessed we are and that our responsibility is not to hoard our blessings, but to share them with those less fortunate.  My kids love it (I’m sure) for other reasons.  Kaity made friends last year with my boss’ daughter – she could not wait to see her again, and this year the two of them made friends with the daughter of one of my peers.  Giggling, labeling boxes, and exchanging phone numbers…  Girls!  Noah enjoys going, not because of the other kids, but mostly it seems to play with Jack & Bill – especially Jack.  Jack and Bill work for the food bank, they help me arrange the event each year, and Noah LOVES trash talking with them – and Jack dishes it right back to him.  Great fun!



You can watch a video about the background of the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma here.
And you can check out their website here.  AND please do – they are a high quality organization giving back to our community in many ways.

Take a minute and review the different programs they offer:  Kid’s Cafe, Food For Kids, Senior Feeding, Urban Harvest

If you’re looking for a good place to spend a Saturday morning (or Thursday evening – Rock ‘N’ Box)
– try the RFBO!

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Made For Each Other.

The weather was the same in both locations.
High in the upper 60’s, lows in the mid 50’s – slight wind, no rain. Close enough to average for the first day of autumn.  Uneventful from a meteorological standpoint.  Yet both of the women would be birthing a child before lunch.  The children were born just a few hours apart.  A few hours, and fifteen-hundred miles.  The first would be a boy, the second a girl.  The first in New Hampshire, the second in Oklahoma.
The date: Friday, September 22, 1978

Sixteen years later, in an orthodontist office in Oklahoma the boy from New Hampshire is looking at pictures of patients hung along the waiting room walls.  One of the frames holds a young girl.  She appears to be a year or two younger than he.  Hopefully not more than two-years younger, the boy would like to meet her.  She has a beauty that is deeper than the photographer’s talent.
“Hey, does she go to school with you?” The boy asks his friend, who is a couple of years younger.
“Never seen her,” his friend replies, “Besides – it’s a glamour shot, she doesn’t really look like that anyhow.”
The boy moves on.
The date: Fall/Winter 1994

It’s a typical school day for the boy, a Junior in high school.  Returning from lunch he sees a friend of his near her locker (a sophomore) and they visit.  A girl walks up – she is definitively pretty.  The girl has keys in her hand.  She shares a locker with his friend – must be a sophomore too.  He hasn’t met her yet.
The boy wants to talk to this pretty girl, so he asks:
“You drive?”
The pretty girl looks at the boy, jingles her car keys in his face before throwing them in the locker, and says: “You think?”
“And you’re a sophomore?”
“Yup,” and she turns and walks away.
The boy moves on.
The date: Spring 1995

The summer rolls around.  The boy cruises the town with a dead guy in the back seat (explanation some other time) and goes to a party with his friend.  The boy notices the pretty girl is at the party, but doesn’t have the guts to talk to her.  They share a friend or two – that’s close enough.
Summer comes, summer goes.
The boy moves on.
The date: Summer 1995

The boy starts his senior year.  He learns more about this pretty girl from their mutual friend.  He learns they share a birthday, and her name is Kim.
“Hey, why don’t the three of us go to lunch at Garfield’s today?”  The mutual friend asks.
“Naw, we don’t have the same lunch period.” The boy answers.
“So, we can today…  We’ll just skip a class.”
The trio goes to lunch.  They talk, the boy draws on the paper table-cloth.  He draws a waterfall with a rocky edge and an evergreen sprouting from the bank.  Kim draws a dog cartoon she is awfully proud of.  The boy is more impressed with her looks than with her artistic ability.
The girl has an attitude, too.
“You think (so-and-so) will be upset you’re at not lunch with him today?” The mutual friend asks the pretty girl.
“I don’t care, I’m having fun.  Besides, (so-and-so) doesn’t own me…” She fires back.
Sounds like Kim is taken.
The boy moves on.
The date: August 1995

September comes fast.  September is State Fair time, and birthday time.  The boy has two tickets to the rodeo and a concert he and his friend (with the braces) are going to.  The evening of the rodeo the friend cancels.  The boy calls another friend – busy.  And another – busy.  Then the mutual friend, she can’t go either.
“Why don’t you call Kim?”  She suggests.
“Naw…  I can’t do that.”
“Why not?”
“I don’t really know her.”
“You know me, I know her, I know you…  call her – she’d be happy I bet.”
“I don’t have her number.”
“I do…   Do you want me to call her for you?”
The boy calls Kim.  She is available and will be ready in twenty minutes.

After the fair, rodeo, and concert they’re hungry but most places were closed.  So the pair drive’s through Arby’s.  Kim is surprised – and a little argumentative – that the boy would buy her dinner.
Surprised himself, the boy asks, “Just what kind of guys do you date?”
“So this is a date?”
“Seems like it.”
They eat their Arby’s drive-through chicken finger platters and the boy brings her home.
In the drive way they awkwardly look at each other.
“I had a good time,” she concedes.
“Me too – good night, see you tomorrow.”
“Good night.”
The boy watches as the pretty girl unlocks the door and goes inside the house.
The boy moves on.
The date: September 1995

The boy and Kim become friends.  They both stay busy with work and school.  He works at a call center harassing people into buying Southwestern Bell’s “The Works” package.  She works as a front counter queen at Burger King.  They talk on the phone.  They visit at school.  They visit at each other’s houses.

One evening, sitting in the Kitchen at Kim’s house, she is flipping through a photo album.  There is a page with a glamour shot on it.  The boy looks at it and immediately his mind goes back to a orthodontist’s office, nearly a year past.  This is the same girl?  The pretty girl in the frame on the wall in the office, is the same girl sitting at the counter with him?
“When was that taken?”  The boy asks.
“After I had my braces off.  A few years ago…  The doctor gives each of his patients certificates to go to Glamour Shots after he is finished with their teeth.”
The boy moves on.

Another such night, shortly thereafter, they decided to go to Wendy’s to grab some food.  After the burgers, Kim dropped the boy off in his drive way.  The two stand outside her car talking for a minute…
It doesn’t take long –
The boy moves in.

They kiss.  It lasts too long.
It’s official – the boy will not eat onions for years to come…
BUT, the boy is in love.
The date: Friday, October 13, 1995

Happy Valentine’s Day Kimberly.


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Unplugged. (Reviewed)

Unplugged. (Reviewed)

So.  Last Thursday night the Pelletier family Unplugged.
It was a typical Pelletier Thursday night, almost…
Thursday night sans I-pod, sans Wii, sans DSi, sans cell phone, sans text messages, sans email, sans Facebook, sans WordPress, sans lap tops, sans radio (we already live sans TV).

It was like the whole SOPA/PIPA blackout, just for our family only…  and we attracted no national media attention on something that didn’t really black anything out (I used both Google AND Wikipedia that day).
Ho hum.

Games Played.
First game of the night was Skip-Bo.  A lengthy game – enjoyed by all, especially Dad (me) because he won.

Second (and final because it takes FORE-Ever!) game was the infamous Phase-10.

Because this game can take 2.675 years to play a single game, sometimes we play only the even phases, or odd phases, or play-the-phases-in-any-order-you-decide.  We decided to play the traditional phase 1 – 10 in sequence way of playing. Can you say Epic?

I particularly love Phase-10.  I win often, and I like winning.  Nurse Sonshine on the other hand doesn’t share my enthusiasm – she seems to hate it when I win…  However, this past Thursday evening, I got stuck on phases 5, 6, and 8 – I never got past 8.  Sonshine led most of the game, but the boy rallied on the last two hands of the game to steal the victory.

Needless to say, Sonshine is still not fond of Phase-10.

***The youngest did not join us in the games, but spent her time munching (see below) and climbing all over me, playing with my hair – – – It’s amazing what that kid can do with 1 princess comb, 2 pink hair bows, and 1 captivated father.

Food Consumed.
Despite the little teaser at the end of the Unplugged post, we did not make it a vegan night.
Here is a list of what we ate:
1 crock pot of Balsamic Chicken (Wooo!  Good stuff!)
2 bags of Pop Weaver popcorn
4 Valentine Fun Dips
1/2 package of Oreo Double-Stuffed Heads or Tails cookies
3 Fun sized Sweet Tarts
2 Fun sized Bottle Caps
3 glasses of Sweet Tea
2 bottles of Sam’s Choice Water
2 glasses of Milk
2 pouches of Capri Sun

I’m not saying who ate what.  BUT I will say I stayed under my prescribed calorie count for the day.

“Missed” Media.
For the five-hours I was restrained from media consumption, here is what was “missed”…
2 text messages
2 phone calls
1 voice mail
5 emails
2 WordPress notifications
1 Facebook notification

I was surprised by the low numbers…

Tonight I received 5 text messages, 3 WordPress notifications, 4 Facebook notifications, and 4 emails just during the two hours I spent at church.
I do believe maybe the Unplugged post helped to communicate the “leave-me-alone” message.

Disclaimer: I did not check any of my notifications during church!
And NONE of them were from folks in the church family.

Friday evening when I got off work, Iddy Giddy (the male child) immediately asked:

“Dad, can we do the Amish thing again tonight!?”

So, while we failed to attract national media attention (which would have been ridiculous and not part of the plan), we did attract our children’s attention!

…And they are a bit more important to me.


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2011: My Year According to Facebook

Here is a review of 2011 according to my most popular Facebook posts.
I couldn’t include all of my favorites, but this hits the highlights…


Wow! I wrote that - from my heart... It is in HIM that all things consist!

A simple truth - Gratitude is a good way to start a year.

Did a TON of work in January... 100+ Hours per week. Why? - I can be an idiot, that's why.


Yes... It's hard to keep your mouth shut at some of the trash you see...

Couldn't have said it better myself...

A message from my wife... Maybe I was at a stop light when this was taken.


March will be honor your wife month...

Tangled is released & I fall in love all over again...

Me + the wife + the kids(X3) + my mom = A Vacation to remember



Think of all the things I didn't say.


Thank you Harold Camping for a successful FB discussion topic.

I'm not really violent at all...

Try it and see.

Can I get an Amen!?!


Sums it up well.

How can you people like this stuff?

She is Daddy's Princess & Mommy's girl - just ask her.


Honesty is the best policy.

I'm lucky he didn't arrest me.


The day we packed out the church for our Kid’s Crusade…  One of my favorite days of the year!

My wife bought our dog (No - HER dog) a sweater.

Must. Push. Harder...


One of my favorites of the whole year...

Get off Facebook and DRIVE!!

A small sample of our trip to Niagara, New Hampshire, and Ohio... I love vacations!


That's what Jerry Springer & Dr. Phil are for, not Facebook!

Told you I love vacations!

I'm SO proud of my boy!

A giant.


My Lucky Day!!!

I'm not sure I was clear about how much I love my son...


Right or wrong --- Action ALWAYS trumps theory.

This is still my most popular blog post... (click it to read it)

Thanks for reading – I can’t wait to see what 2012 brings!

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We Don’t Have Any Rules!

We Don’t Have Any Rules!

The memory is fuzzy because this was several years ago and I wasn’t actually there.

My mom had come to stay at the house while the wife and I escaped to some secluded place for tired moms and dads.  (I wish I could remember where it was, because I do believe we would find our way back again!)  When we returned my mom had a couple experiences to share with us…

The first being that, she thought, maybe we should lighten up on our skinflint ways just a tad as it was affecting our children.  Apparently my mother had left a light on and left the room.  Soon she heard our son, using his most exasperated voice, say:

“Memere – Do you think we own the electric company!?!?”

Yes…  Yes, he said that… to MY mother…
She did go turn the light off.

But the second, is the topic of this post.
My daughter (youngest child at the time) had gone to the refrigerator to get a drink.  I think it was mid-morning – after breakfast but before lunch.
My mother, being a caring memere, asked, “Are you supposed to be getting in there?”
To which my daughter with frustration, hurt feelings, and teary eyes – replied:

“But memere, we don’t HAVE ANY rules here!” 

Personally, I think there had to be other situations the previous night and that morning in which memere’s rules were a bit more restrictive than mom & dad’s rules…  but who knows?

One thing I want to be clear on though – We HAVE rules.
Rules are necessary and good.
We just don’t package them as rules.  We’ve tried to package them as principles.
Kind of how I think God intended it to be done.
It’s more about the “Whys” and the “Hows” than the “Whats” and the “Whens.” – maybe?

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Meet My 400 Pound Bald-Headed Wife…

Here is what I was doing on Facebook the other day:

That there is a whole lot of woman to love!

(You should see some of the stuff I DON’T post!)
Yes, I have been known to describe my wife in such a way…  here’s how it started:

Really...  I told a few others too!

True Story, No Lie - That lady was R-U-D-E!

Notice only 4 people like this part while 9 people like the original post…
Seriously, I told my wife what I had said about her the same day I said it – honestly.
I let her know about it for a few reasons:

  1. I don’t keep any secrets from my better half…
  2. It was way too funny not to share…
  3. I figured one day this lady would tell on me.
And each time I pulled this stunt on someone else, I let my wife know also – but there was no time nearly as fun as that first time.

Besides – here’s how I really feel:

I'm for REAL!

Yup, I mean it - because she is A-MA-ZING!

Now I’ve got to say that I am still (after nearly 15 years of marriage) absolutely head-over-heals in love with my wife!  And 100 years from now I think I will still feel the same way about her.

I love to tell people that we are madly & passionately in love with each other – I’m the passionate one & she’s the mad one!

Seriously we were made for each other – we were both born on the same day…
Which really flipped the customs officer out when we were returning from a cruise one time.

AND, we’re a match made in heaven – we were born again on the same day too!
(Not the same day as our birthday’s…  a different day)

To top it all off we both got married on the same day too!  Imagine that!

I admire my wife for all the roles she plays in our lives.  She does it all – and I mean all.
We’ve got a gaggle of mini-us’ that she educates from the house.  A house which she keeps spotless at all times… with a gaggle of children running around.  She feeds us and feeds us well!  (I’ve gained nearly 100 pounds since we’ve been married)  An incredible cook!  She’s just as much as a tight-wad with our money as I am (more so actually).  In the past year or so she took up this whole couponing business and has maintained our feeding habits on half the budget.  She is always on time for everything, and we stay active!  Any of my crazy adventures – camping, hunting, fishing, road trips, etc. – she gets “excited” about…  All of our church activities she’s with me 100%…

Man!  I need to give her a kiss real quick – y’all hang on!

Okay – and she’s beautiful to boot!
Here’s a real picture:

Oops... this is after dark!

Wrong one!  I meant:

The real her!

That’s closer anyhow…  Much closer.  My wife’s hair is to her ankles.  Everywhere we go people want to touch it.  Since I started charging $1 for each person to touch it we will be able to send our children to college with no student loan debts…  Take that Dave Ramsey!

Now for the real reason for this post:
My wife started a blog today!
I have been trying to get her to blog for well over a year.  People are always asking how she manages this, and that…  I think she should share it with the world…  Why not!?!?

So, after she shared one of my posts (click to read – I dare you) on her Facebook – and I showed her where my site stats went way up…  even though I had already posted it to Facebook, she decided maybe she could do it!

Now that you’ve read this far – Here it is, you must click it!


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Welcome To The Victory Amusement Center

Friday (if you’re reading this a hundred years from now, you can pretend like it was the Friday that just passed – I am sure it will still work) I was talking to a friend about some of the crazy ideas I’ve had that could become successful business ventures IF I’d ever just quit talking about them and put them into action.  Most of them are not crazy at all, very practical really – which is why they would be successful.

BUT in the conversation my mind drifted back to what was probably my first crazy idea…  This one was totally crazy, and probably never would have worked – so, I will share it here and maybe one of you will take up the vision and make it successful.

This is a really stupid and silly idea…  but I had it and I’m sharing it – yes, I’ll probably regret it – c’est la vie.

This was my big idea.  My plan to become immortality famous.  This is the dent I was going to make in the universe.  The agenda that was going to rocket me to the top.  To make the Pelletier name a common household name.  The scheme that would enthrone the Pelletier’s in the American royalty.  The one item that would make my children snotty little heirs and heiresses.

**Drum roll**
Brace yourselves…
I was going to put Disney out of business.

Yes.  That was the plan.
Well, that was the end-game, the goal anyhow.


I had him in my crosshairs

Take that pompous little mouse and put him in the unemployment line…
I know – that sounds heartless, but I’ve been called that before – you get used to it after a while…
and I’m not really uncaring at all – at least my mom doesn’t think so.

Simple…  Just a few easy steps.
1. Get a degree in Computer Animation.
2. Go work for Disney…  Yes, learn from them.  The man started a successful empire – get on the inside and glean all the information I can.  Be the best they have – make them lots of money…
3. Live incredibly frugal while working for the enemy, save tons of cash – and then:
4. Start MY own family entertainment empire!!!

See, it’s just that easy!
I even designed a logo…  well, actually, I just fused a couple existing ones together –
Here it is, let’s see if you can guess the inspiration behind it:


Victory Entertainment - Where Dreams Come True!

Why not?
Hey!  If all those dumb little things that are sold in the “As Seen On TV” section at Walmart can make people money, why not give the mouse some competition?

Now…  I warned you it was stupid and silly – and it was a loooong time ago too.
So you are welcomed to use take it and accomplish it if you’d like.

I have several others now, and as I said before – they’re pretty good…  so I won’t be sharing them with you, sorry.

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