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Wisdom gained through the process of eating cookies.

Updated: The Fortune Cookie Chronicles

Aw, yes – craving the Panda!

Here is another installment of –

The Fortune Cookie Chronicles!

January 20, 2012:  It’s been over two weeks – must…  eat…  cookie with paper inside –
Reward yourself with a much deserved gift. (Eat another cookie?)
Your courage will guide your future.
Your hard work is about to pay off.
Listen to friends with an ear to the future. (What’s up with these futuristic fortunes – I want instant gratification.)
You will be happily surprised by a long time friend.

Cwick Cookie Fo' Mo' FZZ...

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Updated: Fortune Cookie Chronicles

Eat me and ancient wisdom you will find!

Crack (or click) me open and ancient wisdom you will find.

Spaghetti was on the menu – but the Panda’s prevailed!!!

After over 30 days without hearing from my Far-Eastern friends, I indulged in not one, but TWO fortune cookies!

Tank-yu valy mush for vizting – kwik wink pho mo: Fortune Cookie Chronicles.

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