To Do in 2012: Happy New Year

31 Dec

Twenty-Twelve is history.
The Mayans have disappeared…
Twinkies have disappeared…
The Federal Government has solved all of our economic woes…
Oh.  Wait.  Maybe not.

At least I don’t have to answer for the government.
Let’s see how I did on my goals…

1.  Drop the PMI on the mortgage.                                                Goal #1 – Check. 

2.  Sell the boat…  SOLD!!!!                                                           Goal #2 – Check.

3.  Remodel the master bathroom for the wife…                           Goal #3 – Check.

4.  See Italy.                                                                                   Goal #4 – Check.
Still haven’t blogged about it though.

5.  Put ONE of my million dollar ideas into action.                         Goal #5 – Well…
Well…  Well…  Well…  Got it started, but I allowed it to fizzle.
Which is good – it gives me something to do in 2013.

6.  Learn to be moved with compassion…                                       Goal #6 – Check???
You can read a little about this by clicking here.
This is more of an intangible goal.
I’m not real sure how to simply check this off.
Next year I’ve got an idea of a bit more concrete way to accomplish this.

7.  Read the Bible through in chronological order.                        Goal #7 – Check.
Finished is yesterday, actually.
Time to use today to decide which plan to use for 2013.

8.  Make sure AFT Sunday School hits that top branch…                Goal #8 – Check???
Another intangible.
How do you measure it?

So, out of 8 goals – 5 are undoubtedly accomplished, 1 stalled, and 2 are difficult to measure…
All in all…  I’ll take it.
2013 – maybe I’ll have 2,013 items on my list…  That would be something!

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One response to “To Do in 2012: Happy New Year

  1. andretutak

    January 1, 2013 at 8:13 am

    Good luck on goal nr7…


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