FCC IX: Cough & Cold Edition

10 Dec

Mucus Man

About two weeks ago I came down with a cough.
A not so enjoyable hack that produces things we will not
talk about on this blog.
Yet this cough also led me to something great…


The Medicine Closet.

To combat my cough I went to the medicine closet.  The closet held a few remedies for my ailment.
The first tool to combat the cough – Mucinex Maximum Strength Expectorant…

An innocent looking little bottle that claims to hold 14 magic pills to cure me.

Mucinex Pills

Inside what I found were 14 impossibly massive capsules that no human should be able to swallow without first crushing, chewing or breaking them into ingestable pieces…
But the instructions on the label clearly stated “do not crush, chew, or break tablet.”

Looking at them in the bottle I was reminded of the VW Bugs you see at the circus – that somehow contain 14 full grown clowns.  I set the bottle back – I was not going to choke to death to get rid of my cough.

Clown car Comic

Next, there was a large economy sized bag of salvation by the name of Halls.  This golden bag promised triple soothing action to sooth my sore throat, relieve my cough, and cool my nasal passages – just what the doctor ordered.  When I unlocked the magic of the “fresh-lock” seal I found even more magic than promised…
I found –

A Pep Talk In Every Drop.
As I unraveled the first of many relief drops of the day I noticed a message that read – “A Pep Talk In Every Drop.”  My first drop held three inspirational messages that spurred me forward:

Halls BagGet back in the game.
You’ve survived tougher.
Buckle down and push forth!

I followed those fortunes with:

The show must go on. Or work.
Put your game face on.
Keep your chin up.
Bet on yourself.
Let’s hear your battle cry.

(It was more of a battle squeal that day though.)


You got it in you.
Dust off and get up.
Elicit a few “wows” today.
Go get it.
March forward!
Take charge and mean it.
Don’t try harder… DO harder!
It’s yours for the taking.
Be resilient.
Get back in there champ!
Go for it!
Put a little strut in it. (you don’t want to see that – I promise)
Hi-five yourself.
Turn “can do” into “can did!”
Get through it.
Impress yourself today. (That’s a tall order.)
Seize the day.
Flex your “can do” muscle. (Now, that is a sight to see.)
Inspire envy.
Tough is your middle name.
Be unstoppable.
You can do it and you know it. (Clap your hands.)
Push on!
Fire up those engines!

I’m not sure when the fortune cookie writer decided he needed a second job writing “Pep Talks” for Hall’s Cough Drops…  but I am grateful he did!

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One response to “FCC IX: Cough & Cold Edition

  1. Michelle

    December 27, 2012 at 3:29 pm

    I think “inspire envy” is my favorite!


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