Ring Tones: Holiday Edition.

26 Nov

Last January I posted about some special people that have distinct ring tones on my cell phone.

Here’s my holiday ring tone playlist:

1. The masses…
The default ring for everybody except the chosen few is one of my all-time favorite songs – “Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow.” (Joe Nichols’ version)

2. My Wife…
I initially intended to use Lady Antebellum’s “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” but was convinced instead – at Repunzel’s suggestion – to use The Oak Ridge Boys’ “Christmas Cookies.”
Why the change?  Because the song absolutely could have been written by myself…
(IF I had any musical talent at all)
But mainly because –

There’s a benefit, to all of this
That you might have overlooked or missed
So now let me tell you the best part of it all
Every time she sticks another batch in the oven,
There’s fifteen minutes for some kissin’ and a huggin’

And who could beat that!!!!

3. Pastor & Assistant Pastor…
Again, these two giants deserve a herald-ing US Cellular cannot provide.  I am not convinced Josh Groban’s chorus from “Believe” does them justice.  However, the message of faith and powerful music shifts my mind and heart toward our Maker when I hear it.

Believe in what your heart is saying
Hear the melody that’s playing
There’s no time to waste
There’s so much to celebrate
Believe in what you feel inside
And give your dreams the wings to fly
You have everything you need
If you just believe

4. The Friends…
We have a couple of friends that are – um, uh – let’s say… Extremely resourceful.
If you want to find some bargains (like a $50 article of clothing) really cheap (like for $0.25) then this is the lady to shop with.  If you need an expert on any topic in the world (like small engine repair, fitness advice, scientific facts, really… any topic) then give this guy a call and if he doesn’t know the answer or can’t argue your own set of facts with you – he can call someone, has a friend at work, or used to know someone that can help you out.  If you want to make your own homemade anything (like a vacuum bag for example) out of duct tape and a paper clip these are the people to hang around.

I’m not naming names here…  But their ring tone for this season is – Leroy The Redneck Reindeer.
Just sayin’.

5. The Management Team…
I didn’t include this group in my initial ring tone post, but they’ve got a special tone year round and I promise I sigh every time I hear them calling.  I have 4 assistant managers that need me from time to time – and when they do I want at least the brief warning a special ring tone affords me.
I have chosen I’m Gettin’ Nuttin’ For Christmas…  Not because they’ve been bad.
Just because I sometimes think of them as my kids, and they’re a lot of fun to pick on.

6. The Boss…
While during the other 11 months of the year I greet him with “It’s a beautiful day!” I decided for the holiday season I would change it up to greeting him with:

You have all the tender sweetness of a seasick crocodile,
Mr Grinch.
Given the choice between the two of you,
I’d take the seasick crocodile.

He likes being called mister.
Maybe.  I can’t honestly say I’ve tried it yet…
Totally, 100% in jest – he’s a good boss.  And I am pretty sure he will never, ever read this – so don’t think I’m trying to score any points by saying he’s a good boss.

Anyhow, I couldn’t think of any other Christmas song fitting for a supervisor, so this is what he gets.

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