Aw, how ah you ma f-wren?

11 Nov

That’s exactly how I am greeted at my favorite Chinese take out place by my house.
Appropriately named: China House.

Or if I call ahead to place my order I hear the matron say:
“China How – may I alp you?”

The folks that have rated it on give them a 93% positive rating…
Beats everyone else I’ve seen on there!

I absolutely LOVE these people…  I couldn’t tell you their names, but the family is great to watch.

There’s the matron that rules the place – she is always yelling at the guys.  Always.

Then there’s ma f-wren (my friend).  He’s the delivery person.  Probably the matron’s son.
He’s hilarious to me because he’ll yell right back at her… and then always gives me a free 2 liter. Always.
Why?  Because he’s ma f-wren I suppose.  He doesn’t do it to everyone else.  We just click I guess.

There’s a few grunts that are confined to the kitchen…  Probably matrons husband and some of the older sons – I really don’t know everyone’s status.

And finally there are the matron’s grand children.  I’ve kind of seen them growing up the past 5 years or so.
The oldest is a teenage girl that is starting to take over the phone & register from the matron.  She speaks much better English, so I really like it when she’s there.
The middle is another girl – probably 8 years old now.  Always doing homework.  Always.
And the youngest boy.  He was a baby when we started, now he’s 6 or so…  And he’s trouble…
No doubt he’ll be ma f-wren soon.

Anyhow…  I finally updated the FCC page – click here, ma f-wren, to read the last 5 months of fortunes!

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