Q3 Update: To Do in 2012

22 Sep

Nearly complete.
100 days left.
Let’s see where I’m at –

1.  Drop the PMI on the mortgage.                                                Goal #1 – Check. 

2.  Sell the boat…  SOLD!!!!                                                           Goal #2 – Check.

3.  Remodel the master bathroom for the wife…                           Goal #3 – Check.

4.  See Italy.                                                                                   Goal #4 – Check.
I’ll definitely have to make time to blog about the trip!
What an opportunity!

5.  Put ONE of my million dollar ideas into action.                         Goal #5 – Well…
This has completely stalled…  I’ll have to schedule at least a short period of time each week to work on it.
As mentioned in Q1 update – it’s not really one of my million dollar ideas, but something even better really!

6.  Learn to be moved with compassion…                                       Goal #6 – In Progress.
You can read a little about this by clicking here.
Again, this won’t ever be simply checked off.
Someday’s it is very difficult to allow compassion to have its way.

7.  Read the Bible through in chronological order.                        Goal #7 – In Progress.
Day 265 – 72.3% of the way through.  Only 100 days left.  I can’t help but believe it does me good – regardless of how many times I read this book there is always another lesson learned, another verse that jumps out at me, another act of God’s love revealed.

8.  Make sure AFT Sunday School hits that top branch…                Goal #8 – In Progress.
We’re going to keep jumping!
We have such an awesome team of people, doing great things to further God’s work in Oklahoma City.

So, out of 8 goals – 4 are 100% complete,  1 is stalled (but I’ll kick it in gear), and the other 3 are actively in progress…  Gotta Keep On Truckin’!


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2 responses to “Q3 Update: To Do in 2012

  1. A Stranger in a Strange Land

    November 11, 2012 at 7:10 am

    Good job you!!! I love seeing goals, and love it even more when they are actually accomplished! In any case I have been MIA for some time and now that I am back had to check in on ya, and say hello! Go you! *Cheering* and give my hello’s to the lovely lady!

    • drgiddy

      November 11, 2012 at 7:36 am

      Thank you, thank you, thank you!

      I too have been MIA for quite sometime. I log my daily readings and have been able to read a few blogs here and there – but have not been able to write much.

      I noticed your absence though and ALMOST stopped by your blog a few weeks ago just to send a comment to see about waking you up… But, alas, I ran out of time.

      Already thinking about my 2013 list and do believe maintaining this blog more regularly will be a part of the list.

      Queen Repunzel is ruling well and as amazing as ever… Although she has not posted either. Maybe we’ll establish a family blog night for next year to stay in touch with all you awesome people at WordPress…

      Thanks again & I look forward to reading your recent postings!


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