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Fortune Cookie Chronicles VI: Revenge Of The Crumbs

At last!

Click picture to see past fortunes.

Sixty nine days, one hour, and forty-three minutes have lapsed – not that I was counting – since I published the fifth (if you’re tracking these oriental journeys using Roman numerals that would be a big-V) installment of the FCC.

I will ask you all to understand this was NOT a nearly 70-day cookie fast.  I have personally consumed many golden cookies containing pale slips of parchment with azure lettering upon them.
With my consumption has also come a compulsion to file the treasures in a sandwich bag until I have the time to properly archive them in the proper page of cyberspace for all the world to enjoy…

BUT – That time has not yet come…  Maybe later this week.

For now, though, the time has come for me to post the contents of the current cookies consumed.
So, without anymore hesitation, allow me to share new-found ancient western secrets with you:

Oh yeah!

An unexpected check or fortune will arrive today.
Since I ate this around 8 PM, I will allow a full 24 hours for fruition.

A light heart carries you through all the hard times.
Is this Buddha’s way of telling me the last fortune was a joke?

A real friend asks to spend time with you, not money.
Okay…  So is the fortune coming my way or not!?!?!?!?!?
AND – what if the friend asks to spend time with you in a really expensive restaurant?

Be on the alert for new opportunities.
So, you’re going to make me work for this fortune?  I should have stopped at the first cookie…

A kind word warms for three winters.
Sure…  be vague now…  Oh!!!  – I meant to say, Thank You!!!!

Ouch… That hurts!


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