Q1 Update: To Do in 2012

27 Mar

The year 2012 is nearly a quarter of the way through.
If you had a penny for each day of the year you would only have $2.79 left…
That isn’t much, we better make it count.

1.  Drop the PMI on the mortgage.                                                Goal #1 – Check. 

2.  Sell the boat…  SOLD!!!!                                                          Goal #2 – Check.
I already miss it…

BUY ME!!!!


3.  Remodel the master bathroom for the wife…                        Goal #3 – In Progress.
Counter top, vanity, stool, shower base, vent, and fixtures are bought.  I’m ready to start Friday evening!

4.  See Italy.                                                                               Goal #4 – In Progress.
Our flight leaves in 158 days, 11 hours, and 58 minutes… But who’s counting?

To see this in person!

5.  Put ONE of my million dollar ideas into action.                    Goal #5 – Well…
I’ve been working on one of my not-so-million-dollar ideas…  It’s something I’ve thought about for years and am finally putting into action.  But it’s got nothing to do with any kind of income.

6.  Learn to be moved with compassion…                               Goal #6 – In Progress.
You can read a little about this by clicking here.  I believe you will find it an interesting read at the least.
This is not really a goal that was set to say: “Ah ha!  On March 27, 2012 Giddy learned to be moved with compassion.”  It’s more of an attitude, spirit, and all around way of life —-  I’ll probably not really know my level of success until I stand before the judgment seat.

I do know I witnessed a OKC Police Officer move with compassion today (no, I did not get pulled over).
Most people looking on would have thought the man was a heartless and cruel jerk – I saw some folks that witnessed him in action cringe…  But really – he was trying to show a strung out drug addict she could live a better life.  Compassion isn’t always warm and fuzzy, kiss-y hug-y.

7.  Read the Bible through in chronological order.                 Goal #7 – In Progress.
Day 85 – 23.6% of the way through.  I’ve got to say I really enjoy using a couple of apps to complete this daily.
Nothing beats the old “hard copies” I have (My trusty faded and torn KJV, my hard covered KJV Study Bible, and my newer black-back Message) – BUT used in conjunction with the You Version’s app on my phone that lists the chapters to read daily (I’ve got a handy Widget on my HTC Merge) as well as tracks my progress and alarms me each day to read if I have not.  The other app I am falling in love with is Bible.Is – I’ve come to enjoy listening to the chapters as I read along – the dramatizations are pretty engaging… even through genealogies and lists of inheritances.

8.  Make sure AFT Sunday School hits that top branch…       Goal #8 – In Progress.
Much of what is said about #6 above is true for #8.  There are no hard and fast rules to determine how high is high.  There isn’t any quantifier on the planet that can really say where I’m at with this.
BUT, as the old man on the park bench observed, “I’ve never seen that squirrel get to the top branch…  But I’ve never seen him fall either.”

Super Squirrel – Why Not?

So, out of 8 goals I have 2 completed and the other 6 actively in progress…  23.6% of the way through 2012, and 25% of the way through my list –

So far, so good.

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