Updated: The Fortune Cookie Chronicles

05 Feb

The Giddy family had to visit our friends at China House tonight.  Which means you get another installment of…

The Fortune Cookie Chronicles!!!
 (Click to read the fortunes)

They were busier than I have ever seen them – no doubt they believe the boom in business is due to this fella’:

Laughing, Reclining, Eating, Fat Buddha

This statue wasn’t there last month when I went, or any time prior to that.

I thought it is a very beautiful and intricately carved piece of art. The jade is so smooth and I was very interested in the marbling of it – nearly solid white head, nearly solid green feet.  The detail on the cabbage leaves is pretty amazing – you can see pores on the leaves.

I had to run back to the car to get my phone and take a picture…  Which made my Chinese friend (the blurry one with the red hat) think I was leaving because he was taking too long – I assured him I’d be right back. When I came back to take the picture – and get my food – I wondered if they would be offended by my picture-taking, but then remembered the ancient Chinese proverb:

“He who pays cash, offends in nothing.”

Actually, that’s not an ancient Chinese proverb – but no doubt it holds some truth.

I did some Google-ing this evening trying to decipher what this statue means to these folks.
It turns out that lots of folks do not believe Buddha statues are idols (just something to “focus on” during meditation) – even though they seem to present them with offerings of lotus petals and oranges… but the statues are not objects of worship.  They also supposedly bring luck. (Sounds like an idol to me)

Anyhow – it’s an interesting looking statue, full of symbolism…  Just about every piece of that thing is a symbol for wealth, happiness, and prosperity.  I don’t know what each of the words say – but the last one is wealth.

I know this also:  Tonight, it was not this green Buddha that made them wealthy –  It was me!

BUT they rewarded me with a free 2-liter of Pepsi and two extra handfuls of cookies –
Now for the fortunes…  Kwik heea

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