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14 Jan

Friday (if you’re reading this a hundred years from now, you can pretend like it was the Friday that just passed – I am sure it will still work) I was talking to a friend about some of the crazy ideas I’ve had that could become successful business ventures IF I’d ever just quit talking about them and put them into action.  Most of them are not crazy at all, very practical really – which is why they would be successful.

BUT in the conversation my mind drifted back to what was probably my first crazy idea…  This one was totally crazy, and probably never would have worked – so, I will share it here and maybe one of you will take up the vision and make it successful.

This is a really stupid and silly idea…  but I had it and I’m sharing it – yes, I’ll probably regret it – c’est la vie.

This was my big idea.  My plan to become immortality famous.  This is the dent I was going to make in the universe.  The agenda that was going to rocket me to the top.  To make the Pelletier name a common household name.  The scheme that would enthrone the Pelletier’s in the American royalty.  The one item that would make my children snotty little heirs and heiresses.

**Drum roll**
Brace yourselves…
I was going to put Disney out of business.

Yes.  That was the plan.
Well, that was the end-game, the goal anyhow.


I had him in my crosshairs

Take that pompous little mouse and put him in the unemployment line…
I know – that sounds heartless, but I’ve been called that before – you get used to it after a while…
and I’m not really uncaring at all – at least my mom doesn’t think so.

Simple…  Just a few easy steps.
1. Get a degree in Computer Animation.
2. Go work for Disney…  Yes, learn from them.  The man started a successful empire – get on the inside and glean all the information I can.  Be the best they have – make them lots of money…
3. Live incredibly frugal while working for the enemy, save tons of cash – and then:
4. Start MY own family entertainment empire!!!

See, it’s just that easy!
I even designed a logo…  well, actually, I just fused a couple existing ones together –
Here it is, let’s see if you can guess the inspiration behind it:


Victory Entertainment - Where Dreams Come True!

Why not?
Hey!  If all those dumb little things that are sold in the “As Seen On TV” section at Walmart can make people money, why not give the mouse some competition?

Now…  I warned you it was stupid and silly – and it was a loooong time ago too.
So you are welcomed to use take it and accomplish it if you’d like.

I have several others now, and as I said before – they’re pretty good…  so I won’t be sharing them with you, sorry.

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