But It Was An Accident!

08 Jan

Tattle-Tales & Cry Babies
A few weeks ago, as the girls (my two plus a friend) were playing with their toys in their bedroom at the back of the house there was a shriek that rang down the hall, around the corner, past the dining room and filled the living room.  Shortly following the noise was the smallest of the three girls darting to our side to explain how the oldest squashed the middle girl’s hands in the closet door.  Of course, following the tattle-tale was a guilty girl carrying those five words:

But it was an ACCIDENT!

I’m pretty sure only one child was hurt, but two of them were crying – one in pain, one in fear.
Of course, being a Dad, I say, “Unless the tears are fixing something dry them up.”
Then I look over the injury, offer five alternative words:

I can cut it off!

Giggles instead of tears… very effective.  Trust me, I’m a doctor.

Field Goal Attempt — not so good
Not too terribly long ago the boy got a new football.  The kind that is fun to throw and kick.  Even in the house.
Mother’s don’t much like kids throwing and kicking anything in the house.  So mother tells son, “Go to your room and put that thing away before you break something!”  Son disappears – no doubt to his room to put “that thing” away.

Moments later – CRASH! and “Uh oh!” – Then the son returns to the living room with a fan blade from the ceiling fan in his hand, with the explanation:

But it was just an accident!

Really!?  What happened?  Well, the son “punted” (his words) “that thing” (mother’s words) in the house.
How he “accidentally” kicked a football is beyond me.  Actually I know he didn’t mean he kicked it accidentally, but the ceiling fan broke accidentally…  10-year-old logic – focus on the Effect to distract Mom & Pops from the Cause.

The good news is the boy learned 2 important lessons:

1.  Listen to Mom when she speaks!
2.  But it was just an accident!  Doesn’t make bad stuff disappear… and it can cost you money.  We are those evil, mean, despicable parents that hate love their children so much they will make them pay for their “accidents.”  It’s called personal responsibility.

A Revelation
This past Friday night was an incredibly clear night.  One of those nights I look at the sky and can almost see the arc of the atmosphere – you know?  Where Earth stops and Heaven starts?  It was beautiful…  And I thought, “And some people would say – But it was an accident!”

Really!?  I’m supposed to believe that this planet, and all that is beyond it just happened?  I’m supposed to believe that my body (any human body, not just mine) was put together by sheer happenstance?

It’s unreasonable to believe the van I was piloting down the highway (at exactly the 70 MPH speed limit) was the result of happenstance.  It was designed.  Looking through the windshield I saw the new Devon tower miles away, and it was clear from that distance that the building was not being thrown together with happenstance.  It was designed.  How can anyone see this world and think it was an accident?

Sometimes bad things happen – sometimes it’s things we control and other times it’s not – and it hurts!
Trying to rationalize life as an accident will not make the hurt you cause others or the hurt you experience go away.  In fact, that kind of thinking breeds more trouble…

What helps then, is just what got the kids above through their traumatic experiences –
1.  Listen to your Father – you can trust Him, He’s the Great Physician.
2.  Submit to Him and the authority He placed in your life.
3.  Be willing to accept personal responsibility for your actions and pay the price to make it right.


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3 responses to “But It Was An Accident!

  1. Lonnie McCalip

    January 14, 2012 at 10:53 pm

    Great little object lesson….lots of nuggets of truth!!!

    • drgiddy

      January 15, 2012 at 2:31 pm

      Have I mentioned I love having you around?


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