To Do in 2012

02 Jan

So here’s my “To Do” list for 2012…
In no particular order.

1.  Drop the PMI on the mortgage.
I really want the whole thing paid off – quickly – but I don’t think I can manage that this year.
I can manage, however, lowering the principal enough to drop the extra insurance costs – and still be able to accomplish the rest of this list.

2.  Sell the boat…  anyone interested in buying?
I’ll be posting it to Craig’s list later this week (hopefully).

BUY ME!!!!

Click Me, Buy ME!!!



It’s a beautiful little Ebbtide Dynatrak fishing/ski boat with a great engine, brand new wiring, and solid hull – I love it!  It’s just a bit too small for the wife, 3 kids, and myself (Kim wants me to buy a yacht…  no, not really).  Therefore we keep it parked at the lake and rarely take it out.  If I sell it, I can –

3.  Remodel the master bathroom for the wife…
By remodel, I mean replace the tile, completely take out the tub/shower and replace it with a custom-built tiled shower stall.  Probably new light fixtures and medicine cabinets – the throne, sink, and cabinets will stay (I think).  Between Tony and I (and YouTube DIY videos) we’re creative and handy enough to accomplish the task.

OR (not and) replace the carpet in the house with wood and tile.
Although… when she wants something, I can’t resist – maybe we’ll do both this year.

4.  See Italy.
In person, I mean.  My wife has always dreamed of going to Italy, and as I just mentioned – I can’t resist.  After 15 years (yes…  she’s old enough to have been married for 15 years) of putting up with me she deserves a vacation like this.

I’ve always wanted to check out Pompeii, ride the canals in Venice, look at real Michelangelo masterpieces, and have a word with the pope…  (no, not really)

To see this in person!

For all of you wondering how we’ll pay for such a trip while completing 1 and 3 – remember #2, I have a boat for sale (did I mention it’s gold plated? – no, not really)…  We’ll be hitch-hiking the whole way over there, and will probably run out of funds before being able to make it home – we’ll become Roaming Romans.

5.  Put ONE of my million dollar ideas into action.
About eight years ago I had an idea to build a franchise of a particular restaurant in a particular location near our home at the time.  I spoke to a few friends about it – and just about convinced myself to do it.

But, then life and common sense got in my way and the idea was shelved.  Two years ago someone else built the exact restaurant in the exact location I had in mind and the line on opening day was literally a mile long…

I’ve got other things I really need to just do…  So I think this year I will choose one of my smaller ideas and see what happens with it.

6.  Learn to be moved with compassion…
It’s just a thought I’ve been kicking around for a while – maybe I’ll be able to explain it in a post soon, maybe not.

7.  Read the Bible through in chronological order.
I’ve read it through more than once.  In chronological order at least once as well.  It’s never gotten old to me and I love reading it over and over again.

8.  Make sure AFT Sunday School hits that top branch…
There is a lot of back story to this and also no way it’s #8… I was just making sure these last few words are freshest on any reader’s mind.
I don’t know that I was very “effectual” in communicating my passion, and vision for Sunday School and the Route Ministry’s at church the other day…  But I can say I’ve never felt like I’ve been feeling lately.

Divorce, abuse, drugs, peer pressure – the list is long.  Kid’s everywhere are experiencing things they are not designed to experience – and if I (we) can help point them in the right direction, and connect them with God, then they stand a chance of making it in this world despite whatever they face.  I (we) can’t control or protect them from their families (sad but true sometimes), neighborhoods, school yards – but for a couple of hours each week I (we) can make sure they know there is hope and Someone has a great plan and life for them to live…

No doubt there’s more items I haven’t listed – but I’ve exceeded my word limit… and have to get my rowdy kids tucked in bed –

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