Just What Kind Of Doctor Are You?!?

29 Dec

I have a friend that likes to ask this of me.

It’s an incredibly intrusive question – really.

My Boy & I

I don’t go up to the teller at the bank and ask:  “What kind of teller are you?”

Or the cashier at the grocery store:  “What kind of cashier are you?”

Or the lady at the counter of 7-11: “What kind of convenient store clerk are you?”

Or the guy in the white SUV next to me at the stop light: “What kind of driver are you?”
…well, there was that one time.

Or the waitress at Chili’s: “What kind of waitress are you?”

Or my boss: “What kind of…   – nevermind.”

Or my wife: “What kind of chef, educator, custodial engineer, hostess, laundry guru, chauffeur, repunzel-hair-wielding, accountant, coupon-clipper, domestic goddess are you?”

Anna & Afore-Mentioned-Wife

I mean seriously, these things are ob-vi-ous.

Just what kind of doctor am I?!?  Duh…


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