He Made The List, He Checked It Twice… So, Bring On Christmas!

22 Dec

I can see it like this…

The Throne Room
God, sitting on His throne.  After years of waiting – in His lap is a scroll.
On the scroll is a checklist.  A long checklist, that reads (in part) something like this:

My To Do List:
Priority #1 – Save The World.
Become A Savior.

  • The Lineage…
    Abraham, Isaac, Jacob…  check, check, check – Jesse…
    Oh!  Need to get the whole Ruth & Boaz thing worked out – but to get a Boaz, I need a Rahab!
    Rahab – how, can I keep a Rahab alive – Ah – Spies…  Caleb and Joshua, they’ll help.
    Don’t forget the red string – Check
  • The Star…
    Planets aligned – Check
  • Gifts – we need gold & incense…
    For those kinds of gifts I need magi.
    Brilliant!  They will bring the gifts by following the star. – Check
  • Wailing in Rama… OH! I HATE this one…  Why did I put this on the list?
    Ok, so the magi will think the king will know about the baby…
    The king will get mad at the magi & act out in a fit of rage – Check
  • The Fore-runner…
    Ok, this is easier than the Rahab thing – BUT these people issues are complicated!
    Mary… she has a cousin, Elizabeth – she needs a son, wants a son, but hasn’t been able…
    I can fix that – and let’s have some fun with it –
    I want him named John and he’s going to be a weird one! – Check
  • The Mother… a virgin.
    This one’s not too hard – I just have to time it before the late 20th Century.
    Gabriel, visit Mary – Check
  • The Name: Immanuel (Me with them) – JESUS…
    Gabriel, visit Joseph – Check
  • The Town: Bethlehem…
    I think I can convince that ruler he needs to do a census – Check
  • Shepherds.
    There’s a field right close by – they usually abide over there.
    Angels, go let them know. – Check
  • Swaddling Clothes and a Manger: for the Shepherds’ sake…
    Here we go, that census works out well.  Lot’s of folks in town –
    Joseph can’t find a room…  We’ll have the innkeeper show them a stable. – Check

And on and on the list goes…  details of His birth, life, death – and beyond.

But I can just see Him – on the throne, lining it all out – and checking off the last check mark.
Excitement building all around Him…
Or maybe there’s a bit of apprehension in the air.
Maybe the angels are nervous before He says:
“Alright this is it – The fullness of time!  Earth, ready or not here I come!”

“4 But when the fulness of the time was come, God sent forth his Son, made of a woman, made under the law, 5 To redeem them that were under the law, that we might receive the adoption of sons.” ~ Galatians 4 (KJV)

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