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What is a Whoopie Pie?


This, my friends, is a Whoopie Pie.

By definition (according to Encarta World Dictionary) a “whoopie pie” is – (noun) – two-layer filled cake; a cake consisting of two layers with a moist filling.

That’s kind of redundant, isn’t it?  But then again – so is my definition of them:
Nom Nom Nom – nom-nom-nom-nom.

A whoopie pie is one of those strange “New England” things that is in my blood and still causes me to receive funny looks when my Oklahoma friends hear me talk about…  much like the “bubbler.”  A “bubbler” everywhere else in the world is called a water fountain – but in my world it’s a bubbler.

Whatever – you’re not getting mine… 
But if you google it you can find one. 
OR you could go to Walmart (Neighborhood Market on Rockwell & Hefner in OKC) and buy the Pillsbury boxed mix.  Of course, that won’t be anywhere near as good as homemade, from scratch.

The Honorable Treat:
Apparently in March some folks in Maine made a whoopie pie that weighed over 1,000 pounds, set the world record, and officially made it the “State Treat.”
What an honor.
Another honor afforded to the Whoopie Pie is the battle over who created the original whoopie pie.  The folks up in Maine claim they are the creators, but the Amish in Lancaster County Pennsylvania claim they were first.  Then some folks in Massachusetts decided to claim to be the first… 
Really, over a whoopie pie? 

Just eat it & be happy… 

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